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Advanced Business Manager V9 Service Pack 3

by | Jan 18, 2019 | ABM - Version 9, Product Release Notifications

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Advanced Business Manager (ABM) V9 Service Pack 3 is now available in the UK.

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) is probably one of the UK’s best kept Business Management Software secret. The world class accounting engine rivals anything available from the more commonly known suppliers and the modular approach means that there are modules available to fit virtually every type of business.

We are pleased to announce that V9 Service Pack 3 is now available in the UK. As well as being a patch release this update also includes some enhanced features.

Advanced Business Manager V9.3 – Enhanced Features:

CRM linking to Outlook Calendar and Email

ABM CRM can now be configured to create calendar appointments in Outlook when activities are created in ABM using the CRM Web module or CRM Mobile app. Also, the CRM Web app can be linked to the users email account so that it will display emails from the user’s Inbox, allowing quick creation of Contacts, Activities and Opportunities.

Recurring Invoices – Date Option

A change has been made so that the New Due Date can be set for a date in the past

Barcode Printing

If you select the option to Generate the Barcodes by the Barcode Number, then the list will show the Product Code, as well as the Barcode Number. Note: If the option to Generate the Barcodes using the Product Code is selected, then only the Product Code will be displayed.

Bulk Stock Transfers

If you save a transfer in a batch for later (Transfer A Few), then using the switch “AllowBulkTransferToDoManualBatches” the batch will be available for selection in Bulk Transfers module.

Fulfillment Wizard

There is now an option to specify a Freight Group. By selecting this group, the Fulfillment Wizard will not part-release an order if the only item on it that can be released is a freight item.

Trading Terms

Two new trading terms have been added. The new terms are 60 and 90 days Month End, which is effectively 2 Months, and 3 Months respectfully


ABM now uses Cmail to send emails via SMTP, to avoid issues with Office 365 Exchange Servers.

Stock Transfers – Tracking

In Product Transfers (Transfer a Few), there is an option in Settings (in ABMTransfer on the Ribbon Bar), to show a Tracking column. This will then display the Serial/Lot number selected, for Serial or Lot Tracked products.

Inactive Stock Warehouse Locations

Inactive stock warehouse locations no longer show when you open a product under ‘Prices and status’ and ‘Locations’.

Warehouse Module Permission Improvements

Permissions related to using the Warehousing module have been adjusted.

– ‘View and Edit Product details’ now allows the ability to add/edit bins.

– ‘Process Stock Transfers’ now allows the ability to move stock between bins/locations.

– ‘Enter Stocktake results’ now allows the ability to stocktake bins.

For more information about Advanced Business Manager or to discover the power of ABM software for yourself, get in touch today for a free demo.

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