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ABM Optional Modules

Extend the power of Advanced Business Manager


When your business requires specific functionality beyond the core accounting system, ABM provides Optional modules. Optional modules connect to the accounting system to provide single-entry workflow, allowing the system to expand effortlessly along with the evolving needs of your business.

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ABM Asset management provides you with comprehensive tracking of all assets within your business. Simple yet flexible are basic concepts of the system, allowing you to free your time and resources. 

Effectively control operations over a multi-branch organisation.

Manage user permissions by branch, set up specific bank accounts, customer(debtor) and supplier(creditor) lists and even control the visibility and allocation of stock across multiple locations.

Ideal for businesses that need to automatically calculate the landing costs of imported inventory.

Construct ‘shipments’ from single or multiple existing purchase orders. Enter order costs at any stage by specifying relevant exchange rates and applying user defined shipment costs.

There are two integrated eCommerce modules available for use with ABM:

1.  SPNet eCommerce

2.  ABM eCommerce

The ABM eCommerce module provides an excellent range of core eCommerce functionality and is a robust solution for businesses looking to deploy an eCommerce solution “out of the box”.  The ABM eCommerce module includes a range of configuration options for users but is not able to be substantially customised by external web developers.

The SPNet eCommerce solution provides and excellent range of eCommerce functionality and is able to be used in a wide variety of business environments.  SPNet eCommerce is supported with WordPress, WooCommerce and Drupal.

Simplify tasks such as client management, marketing, lead tracking and customer analysis, through anytime online access.

With full integration of the ABM accounting system, and driven by a robust SQL database, the CRM software module provides a unique platform for accessing and utilising all your customer and supplier information.

Move the workload for time intensive document generation from an individual workstation to a designated document server. 

Multiple forms can also be consolidated into a single email or fax, for convenience or size requirements.

Provides a mechanism for medium to large numbers of staff entering time-sheet information.

Information can be lodged against jobs and projects using a flexible and efficient entry method. Track specific time allocations to job stages and cost centers for timely and accurate invoicing, as well as manage internal employee attendance, overtime and leave.

Maintain and grow your company’s position in the market by focusing on the three key elements that drive the industry; quality, efficiency, and productivity.

The ABM manufacturing system alleviates the issues of trying to maximise each element – without having a negative effect on the others -, by offering a software solution capable of simplifying, organising, managing, and controlling every step. 

Caters for businesses whose stock fits within the Style/Colour/Size model.

A specific product type – eg. a shoe – is referred to as a Style, which can then be stocked under many colours, sizes or user-defined attributes; allowing the module to cater for a range of industries with segmented stock structures or service offerings.

Control subcontractor claims & invoice as suppliers.

The module is designed for entry of subcontractor claims against a job or project. This allows you to set up contractors as suppliers in the system and assign the to specific jobs or projects, allowing the processing of interim claims submitted from subcontractors for the work done so far.

Fast, accurate, itemised invoicing to variable criteria.

This module allows you to invoice charges to a job according to variable criteria, allowing fast, flexible and simple invoice or draft invoice creation for customer project and jobs.

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