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Service Management

The ABM Service manager module

The service management software of your dreams

Why service companies should care

The ABM service manager module is a software package offshoot of the main, all-in-one accounting program ABM. Designed by DP Systems specifically for the service industry, it offers a wide variety of features that are invaluable for saving time and money in the running of your business. Examples range from a dedicated facility for logging calls, to seamlessly handing end-of-job tasks like invoicing. Some of the main benefits that it brings to any small business – or large – are: streamlined administration, high customisability, and ease of use.


Streamlined administration

The system is designed to add value to a business by dealing with the paperwork involved in the actual running processes of a field service business. It achieves this by cutting down on the resources spent doing administrative tasks; that way, more productivity can be gleamed doing the real money making work, and at a lowered cost.


Highly customisable

The service module is fully capable of being tailored specifically to a clients needs and requirements in terms of visual layout, as well as what is or isn’t accessible. Task bars, information windows, tables, all can be moved around to the whims of what’s most preferred. Furthermore, who can view the above objects can also be controlled; important if a service company wants to avoid users accidentally accessing functions or information they have no need to interact with.


Software that’s easy to use

Service manager is a structured Microsoft Windows program that provides a smooth and familiar operating experience similar to the widely popular MS Office(word/excel/powerpoint etc) products. Through its user friendly interface, navigating menus windows and buttons is fast and hassle free.


Other benefits and features

Built in is an extensive call management facility that ensures job information such as priority, charge, general and technical details can be completely and effectively logged for quick reference. In turn, allowing equally swift dispatch of the appropriate engineer or department.

Organising call out dates and times is made simple with the included scheduler and calendar system. Be sure that engineers are making efficient use of their time and closely monitor expenditures involved with jobs to maximise revenue earned from clients.

All aspects of the program are interwoven and connected internally, but can also be linked to some external ones. Integration with the ABM back office stock system allows a company to keep account of all relevant items and details involved when performing a job; including serial numbers, supplier, warranty info and more.

Receive assistance on creating, and emailing invoices for billing as well as recording them under a client’s history for later retrieval. Generate automatic recurring invoices for maintenance, rental, monitoring, or any other custom billing description.

Produce customisable and relevant reports covering many aspects of your business. Generate an expansive range of important statistics to identify areas of detriment or improvement. 

Build and store a comprehensive archive of every installation and service including contract details, components installed warranty details, service work, travel time, floor plans or layouts, call type, engineers assigned, and more. Never lose track of what has or hasn’t been done again. Retrace work history and use it to reprint invoices or utilise the information for current jobs.

Through the service manager, engineers are able to access critical and useful information from a singular source on-the-move. They can track equipment on site via tag numbers by booking service calls to a specific account, and then tag the items themselves too so the system will be aware if an it is still under warranty. Engineers may also track any instances of breakdowns associated with this item in the past. Documents such as floor plans, pictures, manuals and much more can be attached to a particular job if necessary as well. Furthermore, transactions and invoices can be carried out in the field when required to do so.

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