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Established over 20 years ago, Dart-Digital prides itself on providing a high quality, client focused, specialist IT support service that is centred around Accounting Systems.

We have the skills, products, knowledge and experience to make business management software work for your business.

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Large gear and a small one to the top right. Improve key manufacturing elements with ABM
Image of a trolley. Optional module catering for businesses whose stock fits within the Style/Colour/Size model.
Outline of a page with an up-pointing arrow in bottom left corner. Document server optional module
Clock representing advanced business manager software time-sheeting; control time spent by staff during accounting tasks
Three column bar chart with magnifying glass. Optional module for ABM. Business and accounting data analysis.
Green screwdriver and spanner crossed together. Best optional module for improving service management industries
: Image of a house. ABM Asset management provides comprehensive tracking of all assets within your business
Wire-frame globe image. Ideal for businesses that require automatic calculation of landing costs for imported inventory
Image of a trolley. Optional module catering for businesses whose stock fits within the Style/Colour/Size model.
Outline of a page with dollar sign(middle) and pencil(bottom left corner) representing ABM project invoicing.
Two stick-men in suits. Depicts ABM optional module that controls subcontractor claims & invoice as suppliers.
Flowchart showing one rectangle going into three smaller ones. Module helps control operations over multi-branch organisations.
Rectangular white/green logo featuring ABM text(black/left) and Advanced business manager  text(white/right). Best bespoke accounting software

The Comprehensive, business management and accounting software solution which grows with you.


With a senior management team sharing more than 30 years of Accountancy and IT industry experience and a team of highly motivated, professional staff all working from our dedicated offices in Clevedon, Dart-Digital is a trusted, reputable name in the UK IT sector.


Specialising in financial IT support, our pedigree in providing high-quality and client focused service across the UK is well established.


Working alongside our UK client’s existing IT department to provide specialised support or as a fully functional, off-site outsourced IT support area, Dart-Digital are experts in the successful planning, implementation, support and management of Advanced Business Manager (ABM) software.

Technology & Application

In addition, Dart-Digital offers first rate hardware and network installation services – making them capable of providing a full-spectrum support package for UK clients.

Client Focus

Dart-Digital believes that really understanding the business requirements and issues faced by each  customer enables us to design, install and support practical, low-risk solutions which are truly tailored to your needs.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of putting the client at the heart of the business, in concert with the adaptable, versatile and flexible nature of the world-class Advanced Business Manager solution we provide, makes it easy for you to choose a cost-effective business management software which puts you ahead of the competition.

Dart-Digital: Your partners in Advanced Business Manager Software

As the sole Official UK reseller of ABM, Dart-Digital will work with you to provide a full, top to tail assessment before delivering a comprehensive and fully costed specification on the ideal, tailored ABM solution needed to take your business forward.

Our expert team will not only take you through the process, step by step, but also provide full training and data conversion before installation – meaning you can relax, knowing that the transition from your old, multiple platform to a streamlined and seamless, single Business Management software solution will be painless and worry-free.

Once your new Advanced Business Manager suite is up and running you’ll find that Dart-Digital are still on hand to provide fast, effective IT support, with our experienced staff resolving most issues within minutes.

Are you ready to take control of your business' future?

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