Make controlling  your business easier, faster and more responsive with…

The Comprehensive, business management and accounting software solution which grows with you.

Are you ready to take your
business to the next level?

Make controlling your business easier, faster and more responsive with ABM: The comprehensive, single platform business management software solution which grows with you.


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Structured Stock
Document Server
Job and Timesheets
Business Intelligence
Service Management
Asset Management
Import Costing
Project Invoicing
Subcontractor Claims
Branch Management
Advanced Business Manager

Utilised by countless companies around the world the Advanced Business Manager (ABM) software puts the answer to your business insight and control needs right at your fingertips.

Powerful, versatile and easy to use, ABM delivers a highly flexible framework which can be completely tailored to your individual business.
Available in two versions: the Small Business and Enterprise editions, a cost-effective Business Management Software solution that will fit your company size, sector or budget is all but guaranteed when using ABM.

At the heart of the software lies a robust, multi-function accounting package delivering a host of features which puts other, more expensive accounting software to shame.

But it doesn’t stop there. With its wide-reaching flexibility and adaptability, ABM contains a comprehensive range of additional applications, optional modules and industry specific packages which can be slotted into the open architecture software to create the ideal, bespoke business management control suite for your business. Some of these include:

  • Planned Maintenance Scheduling
  • Bar coding
  • Stock Control/Management Software
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • EPOS
  • Job & project Costing
  • CRM Software
  • E-Commerce

Dart-Digital: Lifting your business to the next level

We’re happy to answer your questions, provide straightforward info or simply have a friendly, ‘no-strings attached’ chat about what ABM can do for your business. There’s no hard-sell tactics or pressure simply because we believe that the benefits of the Advanced Business Manager software and our IT services speak for themselves.

That said we always welcome an opportunity for a face to face demonstration at your premises, whenever it suits you.

Simply put, ABM beats the competition hands down on powerful features and unrivalled adaptability to your business, all at a highly competitive price.

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