Make controlling  your business easier, faster and more responsive with…

The Comprehensive, business management and accounting software solution which grows with you.

Are you ready to take your
business to the next level?

Make controlling your business easier, faster and more responsive with ABM: The comprehensive, single platform business management software solution which grows with you.


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Advanced Business Manager

Utilised by countless companies around the world the Advanced Business Manager (ABM) software puts the answer to your business insight and control needs right at your fingertips.

The premium business management software you’ve been looking for

Powerful, versatile and easy to use, ABM is the perfect alternative to other popular accounting software such as Pegasus, Sage and Quickbooks. Companies looking for a fluid all-in-one accounting framework, which can be completely tailored to your individual business need look no further than ABM. Available in two versions: the Small Business and Enterprise editions, a cost-effective business management software solution that will fit your company size, sector or budget is all but guaranteed.

What are some benefits can I expect when choosing ABM?

Ease of use

ABM sets new benchmarks in ease of use. Quotations, orders, deliveries, invoices – everything follows logically and can b e picked up quickly by operators without sacrificing productivity. Furthermore, ABM offers strong integration with Microsoft Office; featuring instant emailing through Outlook, import/export facilities to Excel and Word, and reporting options using Excel. By being simple to understand, staff training is reduced and the running of your business is streamlined.


ABM Grows with your business

Created to accommodate expanding businesses, ABM can handle anything from a single user application to supporting over a hundred workstations, across multiple companies working with multiple currencies. Built around Microsoft SQL Server, ABM is massively customisable to match a company’s requirements due to the wide variety of functionality presented in it’s core system, optional modules and open architecture.


Lots of security options

ABM provides a numerous selection of security features and levels. Staff can be divided into user groups, and each group can be allocated access rights to specific ledgers, tasks and operations. A group can be set to contain only one person if necessary. In addition, every user gets a unique log-in to the system. Restricting permissions can be important if a company wants to avoid users accidentally accessing, or making changes to information or functions they have no need to interact with.


Dart-Digital: Lifting your business to the next level

We’re happy to answer your questions, provide straightforward info or simply have a friendly, ‘no-strings attached’ chat about what ABM can do for your business. There’s no hard-sell tactics or pressure simply because we believe that the benefits of the Advanced Business Manager software and our IT services speak for themselves.

That said we always welcome an opportunity for a face to face demonstration at your premises, whenever it suits you.

Simply put, ABM beats the competition hands down on powerful features and unrivalled adaptability to your business, all at a highly competitive price.

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