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ABM Core Elements

What’s at the heart of Advanced Business Manager


ABM is an all-in-one accounting software that has everything you need to manage your business activities, and create an environment where efficient workflow is maintained between all aspects of your company. The following core features come together to form the engine that will drive your accounting processes – and in turn your business – towards a positive future.

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Accurate, up to date info at your fingertips.

This is the hub of your accounting system, allowing ABM to provide you with accurate and up to date information at your fingertips. Each general or nominal ledger account can be analysed in one or two dimensions, using sub-accounts to control your finances by department, cost center, etc.

Manage the entire sales life cycle from inquiry to invoicing.

The sales ledger allows you to manage the entire sales life cycle, from the customer initial inquiry through to the completed order and invoice. The system handles quotations, orders, invoicing, delivery, sales and credits.

Including auto-reorder & supplier payment prioritisation.

Advanced Business Manager allows you to create purchase requisitions for approval for converting to purchase orders. The purchase ledger handles requisitions, orders, returns, credits, invoicing, delivery, and purchase analysis.

Track stock, create custom price scales & business critical data.

ABM handles multiple stock locations, tracks serial and lot numbers and products that are made up of components to increase stock visibility and improve the efficiency of your business.

Split & analyse by cost centre or progress, auto cost vs. estimate comparison.

Job accounting facilities are provided for service industries, construction, projects or job manufacturing organisations, to sustain a controlled environment for effective management.

Generate cheques, partial payments, BACS payments, and auto bank reconciliation, from a singular all-in-one accounting software.

In addition to being an integral part of debtors and creditors, the cashbook facility generates cheques, produces partial payments, processes receipts and monitors bank accounts.

Create & organise scheduled automated tasks inc. backups, reports, housekeeping & business bulletins.

ABM includes a master scheduler allowing the user to view, create or modify all ABM tasks as well as windows scheduled tasks, conveniently together, for all company databases.

Easy, fast, comprehensive & customisable reports via MS Excel.

ABM offers comprehensive management reporting, with over 160 standard management and accounting reports included in the standard system. 

Track business growth & stability with auto MS Excel compatibility.

With business bulletins, companies can quickly and easily design their own bulletins. Summarise the health and wealth of the business, for example, so plans for future can be made.

Powerful stock control functionality with multiple hierarchical groups, status checking, bar coding & serial number tracking.

ABM’s warehousing module provides logical control and organisation of stock, allowing users to create a hierarchical structure in each warehouse with multiple aisles, levels, etc and a waiting area for goods not yet put away.

Produce, preview, print & email fully customisable docs in bulk. Full staff document access control.

ADH provides a powerful tool for printing, emailing, previewing and exporting of multiple documents from an easy to use interface.

A simple, yet intuitive, sales entry system. Linked directly to the general ledger, the system allows entries with full accounting integration and transaction posting.

Quick POS connects to strip printers, cash drawers and has full access to stock and customer information within the accounting system.

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